In addition to presentation of a smart grid topic, you will also be required to carry out a project.   This project should involve the development of some sort of software for the smart grid.

You can pick your language (Java, C, Python, Javascript).  You can create a mobile app, a web app,  a desktop app, or some combination.

You must host your project in the cloud. The reason for this is to simplify review, sharing, and improvement of your project by other members of the class (and even by people outside the class, if you develop a good idea.)  Popular choices are GitHub, SourceForge, and Google Project Hosting.  This means your project code will have to be published under an open source license.  See me if there is some reason you don’t think this is a great idea and good for your own professional development.

Rather than start from scratch, you might want to create a project that builds upon already existing open source technology for the smart grid such as WattDepot, Makahiki, GridIQ, OpenDSS, OpenPMU, OpenADR, WebOpt, GreenBus or an affiliated project from Total Grid Community, PeoplePower, Reef, or some other toolkit of your choosing.